Integrating EV Home Charging Into Your Daily Routine

Electric vehicle being charged in home garageElectric vehicles (EVs) are an eco-friendly alternative to gas vehicles that have greatly increased in popularity in the past few years. However, to drive an EV, you first need to charge it and it’s not always easy finding a charger around town.

Installing an EV home charging station at your house is a way to always ensure you have convenient access to a charger. Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. offers EV chargers and EV charging installation to people throughout New Jersey. Here, we share more information about how to integrate EV home charging into your everyday routine.

About Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are vehicles that don’t use gasoline but run on an electric battery that requires regular charging. Think of your cellphone— you use it daily and then must charge it at night, so you won’t end up with a dead battery when you need it. The same can be said for EVs— they need to be charged frequently to keep working at optimal performance. EVs can be charged either with public chargers in parking lots or with home charging stations, although most EV owners opt to charge at home.

EV Charging Tips to Remember

If you’ve recently started driving an electric vehicle after spending your life driving gas vehicles, there is often a period of adjustment to get used to the differences between them. The biggest difference is the fact you must charge your car with an EV. Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. has vast experience providing both EV charging stations and installation of the stations, so we can offer tips on integrating EV home charging into your daily routine. These tips include:

Choose the Right Outlet

To get the best EV charging experience at home, you need to make sure you buy the right kind of charger. There are three types of vehicle chargers, including:

  • Level 1:This is a traditional household outlet with a 120-volt plug that is best for short-term charging needs.
  • Level 2:This is the ideal EV home charging power outlet with a 240-volt plug and works much faster than Level 1 plugs.
  • Level 3:This is the fastest car charger available on the market, it is very expensive and can’t be installed in homes.

At Corbin Electrical Services, Inc., we provide Level 2 EV charging stations to ensure you get the fastest home charging possible. As certified installers for Qmerit and Tesla you know that we are the company to trust for your charging needs.

Place Your Charger Wisely

EV home charging stations can be installed both inside and outside, contrary to popular belief that EVs shouldn’t charge in the rain. Where you decide to get your home charging station installed should be a place where you frequently go and can park nearby. If you have a garage but always park in your driveway, perhaps you should have your charger installed there so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of moving your car often. The same goes for people who don’t like venturing out in wet weather— they should place their EV charger in their garage because they likely won’t want to go outside to plug it in when it’s rainy or cold.

Set an Alarm

If you’re not used to having to charge your car, it can simply slip your mind. You don’t want to end up stuck on the side of the road or struggling to find a public charger because you didn’t charge your car at home last night. It can be helpful to set an alarm at the same time every day or night so you can be reminded to plug in your car. You could also plan to plug in your car every time you get home from work, so you’ll never forget, but this only works if you make it a stable routine.

These are just some of the ways to incorporate your EV home charging into your daily routine to simplify your life and know you’ll always have access to a charge.

Install Your EV Charging Station Today

Did you know homeowners in New Jersey, who’ve had an EV charger installed in their home or garage, can receive an EV rebate of up to $250? If you’re interested in getting an EV home charging station installed, this is just one of the benefits you can take advantage of.

Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. offers transparent and reliable services and is here to help NJ residents with their EV home charging station needs. Contact us today to learn more about getting an EV home charging station installed.

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