Selecting the Right Power Generators

Electricity is an essential part of life. It powers heating and cooling systems, keeps the refrigerator running, and provides hot water for showers. When the power goes out, it shutters businesses and leaves people at home without much to do. Power generators keep the electricity flowing, even when a storm, accident, or planned maintenance turns the mainline off. With power generators as a backup source, your lights stay on and appliances keep running.
Generators come in a variety of styles and power sources, such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, or natural gas, none of which depend on your local electric grid. Small, portable units can quickly glam up a camping trip, while larger, stationary units might power your entire home or business. Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. in New Jersey can design, install, maintain, and service a complete emergency power system for your home or workplace.
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Planning for Portability

Whether you’re looking for something to level-up your tailgating or just need some power outside for a limited time, a portable generator is a good solution.
The Generac GP series offers a variety of affordable options that can run four or five appliances, depending on the power draw. Wattage ranges from 1700 up to 8000, providing enough electricity to add some lights and a portable fridge to your tailgate party. These power generators run on gasoline and have a limited run time. For extended use, you’ll need to refuel. Due to the onboard gas tank, these generators should always be used outdoors.

Stationary Generators for Home Use

For a seamless power experience, a stationary generator is the way to go. Linked into your home power grid, these stations kick on automatically anytime the power goes out. Unlike a portable gas-powered unit, you won’t need to refuel these. A stationary unit runs on liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas and hooks up directly to your gas line. That means you don’t need to go searching for extension cords or flashlights, and there’s no need to take turns charging cell phones or other electronics.
Every outlet in your home will function as usual when hooked up to a sufficiently powerful unit. Another major benefit to these whole-home power systems is the ability to continue running HVAC systems.
To keep your home comfortable and avoid the inconvenience of power loss, work with a technician to decide which Generac generator will power all your home systems. Some of the most popular options include:

Permanent Power for Your Business

When the power goes out, it doesn’t just affect your home; it can also leave your business in the lurch. With an alternative power source available, a power outage doesn’t need to alter your productivity. Whether your company offers B2B services or niche retail products, you can go about the day as usual with the right combination of emergency power generators. Here are a few of the most prominent options for businesses:

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If you want to avoid unnecessary downtime at the office or the hassle of a fridge full of spoiled food, consider installing a power generator. Technicians at Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. can recommend a system to provide plenty of back-up power. Schedule an appointment to get an estimate and discuss your options today.
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