Attic Fans

Heat rises, and when combined with poor ventilation and direct sunlight, the attic will be extremely hot. As excess heat climbs into your attic, it also carries with it the humidity from everyday activities, such as bathing and cooking. Improving your ventilation is the least expensive, most energy-efficient way to cool your home while decreasing damaging moisture caused by humidity.
Attic fan installation by Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. in Marlboro, New Jersey, could be the ventilation solution you need. We’ve made a name for ourselves in dependable residential electric service for over 40 years.
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What Are Attic Fans?

An attic fan, also known as a powered attic ventilator, is a ventilation fan that exhausts hot air and regulates the temperature in your home’s attic. These fans push hot, humid air out of your attic, and the intake vents pull cool, dry air in. The result is a cooler space without the excess humidity, which offers numerous benefits to you and your home.

Reduced Energy Bill

An attic fan installation improves ventilation, so air moves more freely throughout your home. This lowers the overall temperature, which means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, reducing your energy bill. Because attic fans are very energy-efficient, the money you save from decreased dependence on your air conditioner should more than make up for the cost of running the fan.

Decreased Overall Temperature

Your attic is the hottest room in your home, especially in the warmer, summer months when the temperature outdoors can affect how hot it ultimately gets. For example, if the outdoor temperature is 80 degrees or higher, the temperature inside your attic can reach as high as 150 degrees.
Although you may view your attic as a separate space from your living areas, it can actually raise the temperature throughout your entire home. Installing an attic fan can reduce this temperature, which helps cool down the rest of your home. To enjoy this benefit, you don’t even have to run your attic fan all day. Simply turn it on during the hottest parts of the day to reap the rewards.

Prevent Dangerous Moisture

Dependable Attic Fan Installation

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