Backup Power Generac Generators For Sale In New Jersey

From safely lighting the way to heating or cooling your home or office, you rely on your power staying on. When severe weather, electrical equipment failures, accidents or other issues cause a power outage, you could be without electrical service for a few hours or several days. Corbin Electrical Services in Marlboro, New Jersey, carries a full line of automatic Generac generators to effectively solve this problem. We’re New Jersey’s first PowerPro Premier Generac Dealer. Our skilled technicians provide superior maintenance, service and installation of the most reliable backup power generators available.
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Generac Generators Features

Generac has been the leader in the generator field since 1959. Generac’s electrical generators automatically sense an electrical outage, power up and switch over to generator power almost instantly. Our inventory of Generac generators comes in a wide range, from basic 800 watt units to 150,000+ watt units suitable for large commercial operations. We permanently install your automatic generator outside your home or business to provide uninterrupted backup power for temporary or extended power outages. This ensures you stay safe and comfortable until power is restored.

Residential Generac Generators

Residential generators have outputs ranging from 7,000 to 22,000 watts. A modest unit can provide power to basic necessities like a couple of lights, a sump pump and a furnace fan, while larger units can support your entire household’s power needs. Unlike portable generators, permanent units last longer, are safer and easier to operate and can power your home for days following a power outage.

Get Your Generac Generator

No matter the size of your home or business, we have a Generac generator model suitable for your needs. We conduct an on-site review to determine the best match for your essential requirements and install a backup generator you can depend on. Contact us at 732-536-0444, or schedule an appointment to learn more about our Generac generator inventory today.
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