Commercial Generators In New Jersey

At Corbin Electrical Services in Marlboro, New Jersey, we understand the necessity of keeping your business up and running. When you experience a loss of power, your business can come to a screeching halt and your business and customer data may be vulnerable. We help businesses choose, install and maintain top-of-the-line commercial generators to ensure continuous operation.
No matter how big or small your business is, a standby generator is a worthwhile investment that protects client data and classified business information, eliminates downtime, provides power to necessary equipment and maintains a safe, pleasant work environment. Best of all, a properly installed and maintained backup generator automatically restores power during an electrical outage, which provides peace of mind.
A Large Commercial Generator on Pavement

Commercial Generator Installation

When you’re looking for a way to ensure your business’s power never goes out, consider purchasing a reliable, high-quality backup generator. Keep in mind that installing a commercial generator can be dangerous and costly when not done properly. Our trained technicians can recommend an appropriate, correctly sized backup generator to effectively provide continuous power to your business.
We also provide professional installation by hooking it up directly to your fuel source. Whether your fuel source is natural gas or liquid propane, we make sure it’s connected correctly to prevent fuel leaks or interrupted fuel service. We also obtain any required permits and do everything to ensure your generator works safely and efficiently when you need it most.

Commercial General Maintenance

Whether you have an existing generator or we’re installing a new one, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance, especially before transitioning into winter months. To ensure your generator stays in optimal condition, sign up for a maintenance agreement with Corbin Electrical Services. You’ll receive priority scheduling for all regular service visits and factory-authorized parts for any required replacements. We also can monitor your commercial generator remotely 24/7 when you sign up for a monitoring package. We offer on-call emergency service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!