Commercial Lighting Design, and Installation in New Jersey

If you own a business, you know how important it is to have the right illumination overhead. Whether you are trying to showcase your products on the shelf or making sure your employees enjoy a comfortable viewing experience throughout the workday, there is a lot to think about when considering a new commercial design solution. At Corbin Electrical Services, Inc., we specialize in helping business owners throughout New Jersey create a space that helps their company thrive. Find out more about us and how our team can serve your establishment.
Commercial Lighting Design, and Installation in New Jersey

What Separates Commercial Lighting?

When most people think of lighting, they think of simply flicking a wall switch in their kitchen or bedroom. Business owners know, however, that commercial lighting is a bit more complex. Unlike residential fixtures, it isn’t only used to brighten a small area. The team at Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. takes care to understand your unique needs and take several design factors into account, such as:

Lighting Purpose

Commercial facilities often require several different fixture styles based on their usage. For instance, warehouses and other larger spaces need good overhead area lighting to illuminate an entire space at once, while restaurants and bars are likely to want more decorative fixtures that don’t stand out or ruin the ambiance.
It’s also important to have well-lit signage in your storefront to draw in business and near exits to assist customers and workers in case of an emergency. All of these situations require different types of lighting.

Fixture Durability

If you own a business, you’ll need light fixtures that can hold up to different demands. Commercial-grade lighting means longer lifespans and tougher designs. From thicker fixture bodies to durable finishes, your lighting needs to withstand the rigors of constant use. For warehouses and other facilities that may be running during all hours, lights that can sustain extended run times are a must – otherwise, they’ll need continual maintenance. We also suggest fixtures with an IP rating if they are going to be installed in a potentially wet or dirty location.

Safety and Savings

Commercial fixtures may need to adhere to additional safety codes. Whether it involves the need for a stronger light output or the need for a specific fixture given its installation location, the team at Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. will make sure your new lighting meets all current safety standards. Additionally, it’s important for clients to keep costs in mind. A higher upfront cost for more energy-efficient lights is often a trade-off that combines higher illumination and a lower utility bill.

Our Electrical Lighting Installation Process

Before starting any commercial lighting project, the team at Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. works with clients to identify the specific purpose for each indoor and outdoor area. After we’ve discussed your space and ideas, we’ll make recommendations on the right commercial lighting system for your retail business or facility.
Once we have discussed the options and created a design plan for our customer’s specific needs, Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. will get to work installing the new lighting or retrofitting existing fixtures. Whether you need broad area lighting from above or an uninterrupted power supply system for safety at your hospital, our technicians will perform installations quickly and securely.
Should a fixture need maintenance, we are ready to assist with this task, as well. Simply call Corbin Electrical Services, Inc. and we will send an experienced technician to your location to take care of the repair as soon as possible.